How To Get Headshots In Call Of Duty 4

Knowing how to get headhots in Call of Duty 4 is not only mindless fun, it also helps you unlock tons of cool stuff to enhance your game play.  It is not an easy task to achieve, however.  Call of Duty 4 does not make life easy with smart enemies and constant action that requires you to move or get taken out.  But the rewards are nice like golden guns or the coveted Red Camo which requires a grueling 150 headshots.

To get headshots on Call of Duty 4, you will need:

  • Patience, determination and it helps to be unemployed
  • A friend or two to help you cheat
  1. Obvious.  There are a couple of super obvious things you need to do constantly to get headshots in Call of Duty 4.  Unless the enemy can not see you, first is forget the "scope" or "barre"l views.  Learn to shoot from the hip and you will find your rhythm.  The scope is good for game play but it moves too much for headshots.  The most obvious thing is to aim for the head.  To just play the game, you aim for the center and will hit something, but headshots require, yeah you got it, aiming for the head.      
  2. Stealth.  Until you get good at shooting from the hip, the easiest way to get headshots in Call of Duty 4 is to sneak up on the enemy.  This allows you to set up your shot better and is the best way to use your scope.  A silencer works great for sneaky headshots because if you miss the enemy will not retaliate.  Taking out snipers who are not paying attention is the easiest headshot kill because they are always preoccupied.   
  3. Cheater.  By far the easiest way to get headshots in Call of Duty 4 is to join a server where players do absolutely nothing but trade headshots with each other.  This is cheap, easy and a very popular way to complete all the extra stuff in Call of Duty 4.  You will get some flack for doing this and endless comments about giving head but it is also the easiest way to get 150 headshots. 



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