How To Get Helicopter In GTA 3 For PS2

Of all the vehicles you can take over not many are more fun than when you learn how to get a helicopter in GTA 3 for the PS2. The gameplay aspect that first put the Grand Theft Auto series on the map was its open-world. Having the ability to go off path from the developer's storyline and wreak any havoc you'd like is half the fun of the series, and Grand Theft Auto 3: Liberty City Stories is one of the strongest of the GTA games in that aspect. If you would like to soar over Liberty City in your very own helicopter, follow the steps below.

This method only works on the PS2 version of the game. If playing on another system, the helicopter door will not open. It can also be achieved without using the cheat below, but getting on to the bridge will be much more difficult. 

  1. Make sure the "False Idols" mission is in your log. A helicopter can only be taken over while you have this mission. If you have already completed the mission, you must load a save previous to you completing it.

  2. Enter the cheat code. It is the easiest way to get a helicopter in GTA 3 on the PS2. The "Perfect Traction" cheat gives your vehicles perfect handling and also allows your car to jump. At any time during gameplay, enter the following sequence with your controller: L1, Up, Left, R1, Triangle, Circle, Down, X (direction should be entered with the D-Pad). Now, not only will your cars handle better, but when you press down with the left analog stick, your car will hop!

  3. Start the "False Idols" mission. Once started, step back outside and grab a vehicle near Liberty City Cathedral in Bedford Point and head west. Take the road running along the west side of Belleville Park and take the onramp that goes in a circle. When you approach the entrance to the bridge, hop your car up, and press triangle, crashing it into the left hand side. If done correctly, you should be thrown from the vehicle, onto the left arm of the bridge.

  4. Run up this support beam. Just past the red light, to your left is a building, adjacent to the highway, with a shorter corner section that looks like its missing it's roof. Jump and land on the invisible roof of this smaller section.

  5. Now you play the waiting game. Stand at the edge closest to the bridge. Make sure to keep your camera pointed west, toward the large body of water, so you can see the red helicopter coming.

  6. Grab the helicopter. Press triangle when it is close to you, making sure that you are on the driver's side of the helicopter. Congratulations! You now have your very own helicopter to explore GTA: 3 with. After flying around for a little while you will get a Mission Failed notice, but may continue to fly.

  7. Store your helicopter for future use. Ok, so you've got a helicopter. But, how can you keep it? Keeping it can be a little trickier, but that's only because of it's size. Land near a garage and steal a large vehicle. Gently as you can, push the helicopter little by little into the garage. This requires patience and may take a few tries. If you can get it into the garage, it is yours to keep! Getting your new toy out of the garage can be tricky as well, but simply involves the reverse procedure, using a small vehicle to push the copter back out.

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