How to Get Her to Break Up With Her Boyfriend

When you find a woman you just can't resist, you may decide you need to know how to get her to break up with her boyfriend. The only way you can get her to break up with her boyfriend is if she is looking to leave him anyway. When a woman is secure and happy with her man—not satisfied, but happy—it'll take a hell of a lot for her to jump ship. If you want her  to break up with her boyfriend, you have to come up with some serious game. Think Michael Jordan, not Sam Bowie. You're charged with the difficult task of exposing the holes in her relationship and assisting her in convincing herself to break up with her boyfriend for you.

  1. No relationship is perfect. She may want it to be, but it isn't. The first step in getting her to break up with her boyfriend is for her to realize certain tears in the fabric of their union. Now, don't be an idiot and start badmouthing her man because that just makes you look like a hater. No, subtlety is definitely the key here. Lay back and pay attention to what she says are problems in her relationship. This may take a lot of time, so patience is important. The one thing you can count on is that men are creatures of habit. We tend to get comfortable. So, if she's whining to you about him that means she's already tried talking to this guy and he's too comfortable in the relationship to change.
  2. Establish yourself in her eyes as a decent friend without falling into the plutonic friend category. You must simultaneously show her how much of a catch you can be. Once again, patience is a must here. An excellent conversational ability is also needed. You'll have to choose your words carefully. An advanced ability to read people is necessary. For example, if she complains about his lack of assistance around the house, don't say "He's a jerk, if I were your man I'd cook and clean for you." You sound too needy and your agreement with her will immediately drop you in the same category with her female buddies. You need to let her see that you guys are on the same page without openly coming out and saying it.
  3. Getting her to break up with her boyfriend isn't as simple as having her realize his faults, nor is it just showing her that you two are compatible. You have to really get into her head. Be a good friend but not too accessible. Fill the voids that her man doesn't fill when you're with her. Your goal here is to make her feel comfortable around you, then making her miss you when you aren't around.
  4. Another technique that needs to be implemented is the subtle showing of a romantic interest on your part. Not so much that it'll make her feel uncomfortable, just enough to let her know you've noticed her. You're dancing on eggshells here. No more than a lingering romantic look or a smile, don't take it too far yet. Steps three and four are a great one-two punch. You pull these off right and she'll develop the feelings for you she needs to break up with her boyfriend.
  5. Be patient. By this point she wants you. Keep feeding her the attention she's come to crave and she'll come to you. When the time is right, and you'll know when it is, get her. Her break up with him, if it hasn't happened yet, is imminent.

It's not the easiest feat in the dating game, but it can be done. The right type of seduction can be a powerful tool to get you what you want. Filling an emotional void can be very alluring. Playing your cards right can get her to break up with her boyfriend.

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