How to Get Her to Dress-Up for Sex

It’s frustrating to have a rich fantasy life and not have it go where you want because you’re not sure how to get her to dress up for sex. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who lights up at the classics–the French maid or the naughty nurse. Or maybe you get a glint in your eye at the thought of thigh high boots and a leather bustier. Whatever it is, and hard as it may be for some to believe, there are times in the bedroom when wearing something is better than wearing nothing.

  1. The simple approach to getting her to dress up for sex is often best. In other words, just come right out and ask her if she’d be interested in changing things up a little. Of course, use a little finesse. Asking her to jump into crotchless panties so you can slaver and drool isn’t going to appeal to her. Asking her to slip on a pair because they make her sexier than ever just might work.
  2. Offer a quid pro quo. That’s a fancy way of saying “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” This may come as a surprise to you, but there’s probably something she’s been wanting that you’re not giving her, either. Ask what you can do for her if she’ll dress up for you. You may find that more than one horizon gets expanded.
  3. Buy something you’d like her to wear and give it to her as a gift. Of course, you can’t just run out and get the first thing that fits your fantasy of dressing up for sex. You don’t want to scare her. Get her a more advanced version of something you know she likes–skimpier panties or strappier shoes. Then be a little shy when you give it to her. Girls love when you show a bit of vulnerability.
  4. Do it yourself.  She’s told you what she thinks is hot, now make her dream come true.  Torn t-shirt? Tight jeans? Towel around the hips? Faux hawk? Whatever it is, do it. Well, maybe not the last one, but you get the picture. If you please her, she may get the idea and want to reciprocate with some bedroom dress up of her own.
  5. Hint broadly. Now, this is a last resort and, if you don’t do it wisely you could get into trouble, so use your big head on this one. When you see something you like, mention it. Whether it’s those red swim suits on “Bay Watch” reruns or the heels to the sky in a Victoria’s Secret ad, tell her how much you like them and how hot you think she’d look in them.  She wants to dress up and look sexy for you; give her the tools.
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