How To Get Her To Fondle Balls

Sometimes a guy can get pretty frustrated because his girlfriend is shy about sex and it can be tough to get her to fondle balls. A guy may have trouble asking a girl to fondle balls, and a girl may love to fondle balls, but she may be afraid to admit it. If you want to get your balls fondled, but you don’t know how to make that happen, there are several things you can try that may rectify this situation.

  1. Tell her about a sexual fantasy, and make sure the girl in your story is willing to fondle balls. You may even want to center the story about how a girl wants to fondle balls and her husband is resistant to the idea.
  2. Watch a porn with your lady, and point out how sexy it is when the girl in the movie attempts to fondle balls. This will give her the idea that your into having your balls fondled and you won’t have to come out and ask for it.
  3. If you have the nerve to ask her straight out, just do it. There is no reason to be ashamed of wanting your balls fondled. Women often ask men to handle their private parts as part of the sexual act, and there is no reason why men don’t deserve the same treatment.
  4. If you’re embarrassed to ask up-front, wait till you’re in the middle of sex, then ask her to fondle balls. Waiting until the most passionate moment of an intimate encounter can sometimes make the whole thing less embarrassing. She’ll probably be turned on by it.



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