How To Get Her Knocked Up

Are you wondering how to get her knocked up? Is it time to multiply? Ready to have children? The big question then is how to get her knocked up. When you are prepared to start making babies, it is going to be a fun and sometimes difficult time. For some women, it will be easy to get pregnant or knocked up, for others it may be more difficult. It depends on medical health, age and many other factors. If a woman can not get pregnant easily, she may need to enlist the help of a fertility doctor. To get started on getting her knocked up though, you can try these steps.

  1. Have a lot of sex, and often. You are going to have to make sure that she is off of the pill. Put all of the other safe sex devises away if you want to get her knocked up. Unless the woman is watching her ovulation schedule, you are going to want to have sex at least every other day. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
  2. Make sure you give her an orgasm. When a woman orgasms, her cervix dips into the pool of semen that has been implanted in her through the guys orgasm. This is how those sperm find their way to the egg to get the woman knocked up. So, if you want to get her knocked up, make sure she is getting off right after you are.
  3. If she is watching her ovulation schedule, you may have a better shot. When she knows the right time is coming up, make sure you double up on sex. Have it at least every day up until "the" day and then twice on that day. Lots of sex means a better chance at her getting knocked up.
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