How To Get In Her Pants

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a long term relationship or a one night stand, you will want to know how to get in her pants. A lot of guys just don't have a clue what it actually takes to get in a women's pants. If you follow these steps, getting into her pants will be easy. These are the easy steps to ensure that you will be able to get in her pants quickly.

  1. Say sweet things to her. Guys, if saying sweet things doesn't come naturally to you, then practice. Women love this and it is important to do if you want to get into her pants. You can start by telling a women that you missed her or she smells great. You will be shocked at how saying sweet things to her will help you get into her pants.
  2. Agree with what she says. Women love to think that they are always right, so always agreeing with her will help you get into her pants. If you have a hard time agreeing with her, just smile and tell her she is so smart when she says something that you don't agree with.
  3. Give her gifts. The gifts don't have to be expensive or even cost a penny. Most women just love the thought behind the gift. If money is tight or you just don't want to spend the money, pick some wild flowers for the woman. Your free on inexpensive gift could be rewarded by the women letting you get in her pants.  
  4. Do what she wants to do. How bad you want to get in her pants will depend on how many things you do with her that you really don't want to do. To make this easier on yourself, ask her to tell you a lot of different things that she wants to do. This way you might be able to chose something to do that you both would enjoy.
  5. Be nice to her friends.  A women is going to be more likely to let you get in her pants if you get along with her friends. Even if you don't like her friends, you at least need to be civil to them. If you can't stand her friends, just bit your tongue and smile when you are around them.
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