How To Get Her To Swallow

The truth is every guy wants to know how to get her to swallow. Some girls are just not into it, so you are going to have a good strategy. It will be so worth your effort if you learn the right strategy to get her to swallow. Read on to learn how to get her to swallow.

  1. Don't pressure her. This may be hard to hear, but if you pressure her to swallow, chances are she never will. The more you pressure her the more she is going to resist. If you let her make up her own mind to swallow, without pressuring her, she is more likely to do the deed.
  2. Treat her with respect. This is probably the most important thing to remember if you want to get her to swallow. Getting her to swallow starts a long time before you hit the bedroom. Show her you respect her by asking her what she would like to do. Also, simple things like opening the door for her will show her that you respect her.
  3. Return the favor. If you want her to swallow your cum then go down on her. Once a woman knows that you are willing to take care of her needs, she is more likely to take care of your needs. Once you go down on her, she might actually be excited to swallow for you.
  4. Tell her you want her to swallow. Some women just don't know that their guys want them to swallow, so you need to tell them. This doesn't mean that you need to say it like a jerk. Just by telling her that her swallowing would turn you on, will probably be enough to get her to swallow.
  5. Buy her a present. This is bribery, but who cares if it gets her to swallow. This doesn't even have to be an expensive present. Buying her a small bouquet of flowers or some chocolate is often enough to get her in the mood to swallow.
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