How To Get The Hidden Packages In GTA 3

Learning how to get the hidden packages in “GTA 3” will definitely help your virtual criminal out. There is a lot of effort involved for the 100% completion bonus, but the rewards are worth it. “Grand Theft Auto III” is one of those amazing games that is so wide open you do not actually have to proceed from Point A to Point B to make any headway in the story. You can cruise around robbing people or stealing things for no good reason. The hidden packages fall into this category, you do not need to find them to win, but it helps you out tremendously. Plus, it is just plain fun cruising around the city looking for them.

  1. Why you want them. The hidden packages hunt in “GTA 3” is similar to any other collection based game you have played. The more you get, the cooler you feel (in a pathetic sort of way) and the more rewards you reap. The game tracks your progress by doling out weapon, armor and cash rewards when you hit certain goals. These icons will spawn in your safehouses allowing you to always be fully strapped.
  2. Rewards. Here is a breakdown of the rewards you earn when you figure out how to get all the hidden packages in “GTA 3”. Ten hidden packages nets you a Pistol icon. Twenty hidden packages gets you a Uzi icon. 30 hidden packages gives you the Grenade icon. 40 hidden packages nets you a Shotgun icon. When you find 50 hidden packages you will receive the useful Armor icon. 60 hidden packages nets you some Moltov Cocktails. 70 earns you the awesome AK-47 icon. 80 hidden packages nets you a Sniper Rifle icon. 90 hidden packages gets you a M-16 icon. 100 hidden packages nets you the Rocket Launcher icon plus a cool 1,000,000 dollars.
  3. Start early. The best way to get the hidden packages in “GTA 3” is to start early. This is because you are under less pressure and have more time to roam around the city. After you progress in the main story of “GTA 3”, gangs will start looking for you which makes the hidden package hunt extra tough.
  4. Locating tips. You have to know every little back alley and rooftop of the city to find all the hidden packages in “GTA 3”. One way to learn the city streets is to steal a car and drive around. Better yet, steal a taxi and start taking fares. They will have you drive all over and you will make some money. The best time to spot the hidden packages in “GTA 3” is at night when they show up better.
  5. Save often. While trying to get all the hidden packages in “GTA 3” you will get shot, killed and busted. That is just how it goes. You should always make it a point to save after you find a hidden package. It sucks when you find three and then get killed because you will never remember where you found them all.
  6. Cheater. This is nerdy and shameful but the easiest way to ensure you get all 100 hidden packages is to use a list. Print out a hidden package locations list for “GTA 3” and cross them off after you find them. These guides are widely available and easy to find online. This is a cheater move but it will save you some grief if you are going for 100% completion.
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