How To Get High Without Drugs

If the hot messes on reality rehab shows had only learned how to get high without drugs, they could have spared their family the drug drama. Lucky for you, you will learn how to get a natural high before you get tossed in a rubber room or sent to group therapy – and the best part is that you'll have loads more fun than any addict.  

  1. Take the plunge. Imagine diving from a bridge over raging rapids and free-falling hundreds of feet before the bungee cord yanks you back from the brink. That heart-pounding fear releases endorphins, and it makes you high as a kite, even as you plunge toward oblivion. To get high without drugs, try taking some risks, whether they involve bungee jumping, rock climbing or skiing.
  2. Fall in love. If you want to get high without drugs, nothing beats falling in love. When you fall in love, your brain gets bathed in an addictive, euphoric dose of dopamine, turning you into a lovesick puppy. Combine that with increased blood flow to the pleasure center of the brain, and you have a formula for a great high, according to the Loyola Medicine website.
  3. Run from your problems. When your boss or the office bully beats you down, your first instinct might be to hide in your man cave. Try taking a run instead. Your body rewards you with a natural endorphin rush, getting you high without drugs. That's a whole lot better than shooting up morphine or heroin to get your endorphins, and it happens to burn calories and improve heart health, too.  
  4. Live the sweet life. That candy bar may look and taste innocent enough, but your brain might have a different opinion about just how sweet it is. In fact, Princeton University researchers found evidence that your brain reacts to large amounts of sugar the same way it reacts to cocaine, says the "News at Princeton" website. You might think you could never eat that much sugar, but consider those super-sized sodas, marshmallow-laced cereals and "fourth meal" pancake dinners after a night out in the clubs.
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