How To Get Horns on Fable 2

Finding out how to get horns in Fable 2 is a discovery that can lead to hours of sadistic enjoyment. After all, if you're bad enough to grow horns and make your eyes turn red, then you have to be pretty awesome. With so many different choices in Fable 2, it can be difficult to decide how you'll go about getting horns, but we've got some fun ideas that you may want to try out:

  1. Murder traveling traders instead of supporting their business – It seems that most of the time when you encounter a traveling trader, you find that they are under attack by the stronger and more menacing looking highwaymen. Of course, you're going to have kill the trader's assailants before they kill you, but after you come to the rescue of the hapless traders and they are applauding your courageous endeavors, try cutting them down for some particularly ironic evil points.
  2. Travel to a town nearby and rip off its residents – Stealing from homeowners and shop keepers is always a rewarding way to rack up some negative renown and grow yourself some nice, pointy horns. And hey, ripping off some of Fable 2's more well-off residents can lead to some pretty impressive loot. If the homeowner catches you stealing you can either run for it or attack them, potentially killing two birds with one stone. Just be prepared to fight more than just the victim of your theft should you raid turn into a murder.
  3. Chow down on some crunchy chicks – For those who would rather not kill off the population of Albion to feed their evilness, try gathering up some crunchy chicks and having yourself a feast. Each crunchy chick you eat pays you back by making your moral compass dip further into oblivion, but be careful: each one you eat with also increase you waste line. When your feast on the adorable little chickens is over, try eating some tofu to counteract the fatty side effects with this method.

And there you have it. For the most evil Fable 2 players who want to grow their horns fast, go into a town and clear it out. You need to be strong enough to take out guards (if the town/city has them), but by using this method, you can literally watch your horns grow. Try one, two or all of these methods and you'll soon be the most evil looking hero Albion has ever employed.

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