How To Get A Hot Date

You've been without long enough and it's time to learn how to get a hot date. How will you increase for changes for success with that smokin' hot girl? Buckle down and get serious with your plans. Hot women can be spoiled and are particular about who they hook up with. They have a wide pool to draw from, so be sure to stand out. Once you've caught her attention, half the battle is won. Getting a hot date is within your grasp!

  1. Shine. In order to get a hot date, the woman needs to know what you can do for her. Let her see she will have a good time with you. Make her laugh and let your personality shine through. Hot women want a man who is fun and face it, belly laughs are intoxicating.
  2. Show off. It's a little braggadocios and grandiose to show off, but it works when you want to get a hot date. Whatever you are good at are the things she needs to know. You're great at snow skiing and hit the slopes every winter-tell her. Capable men with strong personalities are also perfectly able to fulfill other needs she might have.
  3. Exude sex appeal. Part of getting a hot date is being someone who is attractive and full of chemistry. She's as hot as they come-but are you? Remember that she has pick of the litter, so you need to be just as fiery if you want to compete for her attention.
  4. Pamper her. Hot women are used to men fawning over them. Pamper her now and increase your chances of sweet surprises later. Gifts, great dates and giving her your complete attention when you're together will serve you well.
  5. Ask for what you want. Part of getting a hot date is as simple as asking for what you want. Tell that hottie you are interested in her without being cheesy. The old saying "If you don't ask, you'll never know" holds true when dating hot women, too.
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