How To Get A Hunting License In Alabama

If you plan to hunt in Alabama, you should know how to get a hunting license in Alabama. Hunting in Alabama without a hunting license is illegal. Illegal hunting in Alabama will result in a hefty fine and a possible jail sentence. You should also familiarize yourself with the starting and ending dates of each different hunting season in Alabama.

  1. Get a valid Alabama driver's license. If you need to transfer your driver's license from another state, you will need to go to the probate office for your county. The fees may vary from county to county. If your driver's license has expired, you may be required to take the written driving test before obtaining your driver's license. If you haven't previously been licensed to drive, you will need to take two or three forms of identification to the Department of Motor Vehicles to take your exams. Once you pass both the written and the driving tests, you will be directed to the county probate office to obtain your new license. You are required to have an Alabama state driver's license before you can be issued a hunting license. In some counties a state-issued identification card can be used to obtain your hunting license.
  2. Obtain proof that you have lived in Alabama no less than ninety days prior to your application for your hunting license. You can use your driver's license, your lease if you are renting or a utility bill in your name. Non-residents cannot obtain an Alabama hunting license.
  3. Apply for your hunting license. Provided that you have your Alabama driver's license or state-issued identification and you meet the resident requirement, this process will progress quickly. Once you enter the probate office, simply fill out the forms and pay the fees. Depending on the line ahead of you, this process should not take more than fifteen minutes or so. The clerk within the probate office will fully explain to you all of the hunting laws enforced in Alabama. She may also inform you of the penalty for violating those laws. Once you have your hunting license, keep it in a safe place on your person at all times. If the game warden stops you while hunting without that license on your person, she will issue a fine or arrest you.


Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

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