How To Get A Hunting License In New Jersey

It does not take too long to learn how to get a hunting license in New Jersey. You only have to know what type of hunting you will be doing and have money to pay, and then you are set. The following is how to go about getting the license.

  1. First, pinpoint the type of hunting you will be doing. Know where, and for what species of animals, you will be going as different animals often require different permits for their hunting.
  2. Visit virtually any outdoor shop or sporting goods store in the state, or go the the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife's website to find out how different permits and license types are issued. Different types of hunting also require different permits (for instance, bow hunters must pay for a separate permit than rifle hunters). Also notice your own status. State residents, youths, senior citizens and military personnel may receive special discounts, and out of state hunters are charged more for hunting in the state.
  3. Buy a license that covers your needs. If you are only going on one trip, one-day licenses, which are less costly than full year licenses, are available for some types of hunting. If you are going bird hunting, you will need to buy special stamps.

For those wondering how to go about buying licenses for hunting in New Jersey, it is best to visit an outfitting store and ask exactly what permits you will need for your specific type of hunting or your planned outing.

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