How To Get A Hunting Sponsor

Having a hunting sponsor can make the sport of hunting even more fun. Like any sport, gaining sponsors takes hard work and determination. You must make a name for yourself in the sport. Sponsors may not come easy. It is going to take a lot of work to gather sponsors.

In order to get a hunting sponsor, you will need:

  • Prepared speech
  • Places of business
  1. Plan a proposal. If you want to gain hunting sponsors, you must convince people that you are worth sponsoring. Explain why you need sponsors. List the specific needs and costs of supplies. Bring along any trophies and awards you have received to show the potential sponsors that you are serious about the sport. Ask for small amounts or whatever the business is comfortable donating.
  2. Wear your hunting gear. When you enter a business, be sure you are wearing your gear.
  3. Film yourself hunting. Seeing you in action may be enough to convince a business to sponsor you. Send copies of the videos to various companies and websites.
  4. Go to conventions and network. Speak to others who share an interest in the sport. Get advice and ideas from others.
  5. Don't be afraid to ask. If you don't ask, you will never know. Don't avoid asking potential sponsors out of fear of rejection. Some will decline. You need to accept that you will most likely hear the word "no" a lot. Keep your head up. Sooner or later someone will say "yes!'.
  6. Avoid being too pushy. If the business turns you down, thank them for their time and leave.
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