How To Get Infinite Ammo In Call Of Duty 3

Looking to learn how to get infinite ammo on Call of Duty 3? This article will give you the cheat that you can enter that will give you not only infinite ammo but also infinite health. This will make the game ultimately the easiest that it could possibly be. With the ability to unload as many clips over the course of the campaign and to never die the whole game becomes a bit unchallenging. The game hinges on the ability to stay alive and being able to achieve keeping your character alive you need ammo. Taking both of these challenges away it becomes a bit too simple. This though is good to use when you get into a bind.

  1. Main Menu. It all starts here. Stay on main menu.
  2. While on this menu. Hold the right bumper.
  3. While holding right bumper you will have to type the following code on the D pad. Up down up down left left right. Hit the right trigger after the sequence.
  4. Start the game. Play. Enjoy.

 This game is a great xbox title that is one of many in a series. Use this cheat when you get into a bind. Or if you want to beat the game on a higher level then you think that you are capable of. Infinite ammo is a very useful tool that will help anytime that you have to overcome something that you did not think that you could beat. Hopefully having infinite ammo can enhance the game for you in some way.  

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