How To Get Ink Out Of Cotton Sweatshirt

Learning how to get ink out of a cotton sweat shirt is not as hard as you might think, once you know the secret. Ink stains have always been a universal problem. Scrubbing with soap and water won't remove stubborn ink stains. Your dry cleaner will tell you he can't get it out. Many people suggest using denatured alcohol.  While alcohol will work, experienced homemakers will secretly tell you that using women's hair spray is the method that works best to get ink out of a cotton sweatshirt.

 To remove ink from a cotton sweatshirt you will need:

  • Women's hair spray ( substitute denatured alcohol if desired)
  • Old clean towel
  1. Purchase women's hair spray or denatured alcohol. Both items can be found at your local drug store. Buy the cheapest women's hair spray that you can find. The cheaper the better. Women's hair spray in an aerosol can works best.
  2. Fold a towel in fourths and place it inside the cotton sweatshirt underneath the ink stain. Make sure to protect the other side of the sweatshirt because you do not want the ink stain to bleed into other areas of the cotton sweatshirt.
  3. Hold can of hair spray three inches from stain on cotton sweatshirt, and spray the ink stain until completely soaked.
  4. Let the hair spray stained spot dry for five minutes.
  5. Scrub the ink stained cotton between with your hands. You will notice that the ink stain has broken up but you will have a light blue or grey (if your ink is black) spot left. Don't worry, this is normal.
  6. Rinse and repeat steps three and four to get out any remaining ink stains from a cotton sweatshirt.
  7. Rinse under cool running water.
  8. Let air dry.
  9. Repeat steps as necessary.
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