How To Get Ink Out Of Polyester

Getting ink out of polyester can be a difficult task. Ink stains usually set into the polyester pretty fast and most inks are permanent. Polyester is a durable fabric and is one of the easiest to get stains out of.

What you need to get ink out of polyester:

  • Cold water
  • Clean cloths
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Borax
  • Laundry detergent
  1. Try to get the ink off the polyester first. If you catch the ink stain before it dries you will have better luck removing the ink from the polyester. Take a dry clean cloth an blot the wet ink off the fabric as best as you can until the stained area is dry. Move the cloth to a clean spot each time you blot the ink so you don't transfer more ink to other areas of the polyester garment.
  2. If the ink dries, try to rinse the ink out of the polyester. Turn on some cold water. Hot water aides in setting stains. Put your polyester garment under he cold water and rinse out the ink by rubbing the fabric together in your fingers. This should lift most of the ink out of the fabric.
  3. Treat the ink stain with a stain lifter. There are some household products that you can use to get ink out of polyester. You can use some rubbing alcohol directly on the ink spot. Alcohol is a great stain lifter for polyester. Continue to blot the alcohol until the stain is completely lifted.
  4. Try borax to remove the ink stain. Borax is a very common product used by our grandmothers and is still good. Typically this product is used to brighten and boost colors and whites in the laundry, but it is great for lifting stains as well. You can purchase this product for a very low price at any store that sells laundry detergent. You simply make a paste out of it and put it directly on the polyester where the ink stain is. Let it set into the polyester for about thirty minutes.
  5. Another good stain lifter for ink is a strong soap. A heavy laundry detergent or a dish soap work well. Pour some soap directly on the ink spot and let it soak in. Rub the polyester fabric together with your fingers to help the soap lift the ink stain. Put a little muscle into it and the stain should lift eventually from the polyester.
  6. Rinse out the stain lifter from the polyester. Once the ink has been removed from the polyester fabric, rinse the stain lifter out under cold running water. Rub the garment together with your hands and you should have a clean polyester garment. Now you can wash the fabric as usual in the washing machine.
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