How To Get Internet On DS

Learn how to get internet on DS is as easy as following these simple steps. Nintendo DS is now featuring a number of wifi enabled games, including popular titles such as "Call of Duty". So why should you connect your DS to the internet? Well, the answer is very easy, Nintendo DS wifi connection allow you to play multi-player games with player all over the globe. In many ways, it unlocks the more games within each of your game. Therefore, if you want to get more out of your games, then you need to know how to get internet on DS.

To get internet on DS, you will need:

  • Nintendo Wifi enabled games (such as "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized")
  • Wifi signal (with non-encryption or WEP encryption)
  1. Get the games that will get internet on DS. Not all Nintendo DS games are wifi enabled. 
  2. Put your wifi enabled game onto the DS unit. At the bottom of the screen, you will see "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setting". Click on that and proceed to the next step.
  3. Then you should see three spots for wifi connection, click on one of them. Then click on "Search for an Access Point" (the long top bar on the screen). Once you locate your wifi signal, click on it. In order to get internet on DS, you will need to type in the correct wifi password for your wifi connection.
  4. Check to see if your wireless connection meets your DS standard. Nitendo DS will not be able to connect with all type of wifi with encryption (probably WPA encryption). After searching for access point, you will see three type of locks represented for encryption. The blue lock means this wifi does not have encryption. The red lock means that DS will work with this type of encryption. The gray lock means that DS will not be able to connect to the wifi with this type of encryption.
  5. Your settings are automatically saved. Now you have gotten internet on DS, and it is permanently saved on your DS. Go enjoy your wifi games on the internet!
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