How to Get Invited In On a First Date

Knowing how to get invited in on the first date is an added bonus for treating your date to a wonderful night.  However, this opportunity is a privilege, not a right.  There are certain things you must do to get invited in on the first date:

  1. Plan the date ahead of time.  It is absolutely necessary that you plan what to do on the date.   Make reservations at a restaurant instead of just showing up and waiting for a table to open. Find out what activities are offered in your city and after you ask her which one she would prefer, buy the tickets in advance. Planning ahead shows her that she is important to you and you want to impress her. You can stick to the basics here.  Being prepared is much more important than being creative.
  2. Concentrate on getting to know one another. Ask her questions about her life, goals, family, and anything that is light enough to talk about on the first date. Caution: Do not ask about previous relationships or depressing topics.  If she is clearly uncomfortable with a subject, steer the conversation in another direction. It is also important that you answer her questions: one word responses like "no" and "yes" are not appropriate.  Be open and honest, and she will open up to you.
  3. Behave like a gentleman. You don't have to act like her knight in shining amour, it is the little things that matter. When you pick her up, come to the door; honking the car horn or calling her to tell her to come outside is not acceptable.  Open doors for her and pull out her chair.  When you are ordering food, allow her to order first.  Do not comment on what she ordered, except to say that it looks delicious. women are very sensitive about eating in front of men and she may construe your comment as a judgment of her appearance.  If she doesn't feel attractive, you can forget about any type of action later on.
  4. Do not try to convince her to let you in. If the date went well, she will already be  thinking about inviting you in.  You don't have to make up excuses to come in or try to convince her to invite you in.  If you try too hard, the whole night will be ruined and you'll be going home alone.  Wait for her to ask you and politely accept the offer.

Remember to act like a gentleman, follow her cues on what is acceptable, and enjoy your night!

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