How To Get The Jedi Academy Crack To Work

Lost or broke your play disc for "Jedi Academy" and want to know how to get the Jedi Academy crack to work? Something you should know beforehand: It's up in the air about the legality of this process, but the publisher certainly doesn't want you to do this. It certainly is possible, though, so proceed if you must (but proceed with caution)!

To get the "Jedi Academy" crack to work, you will need:

  • Installation files for "Jedi Academy" (see below)
  • Crack for "Jedi Academy" (see below)
  • Computer capable of running "Jedi Academy"

Ready to break some service agreements and get the "Jedi Academy" crack to work? Here we go!

  1. Prepare. You either need the original installation discs or virtual discs with the installation data on them. Just keep in mind that if you don't have the discs and you downloaded them online, this is theft and is very illegal. Find a crack as well. Websites like exist entirely as (spyware-free, easy-to-navigate) collections of cracks. A multitude are available for "Jedi Academy."
  2. Install. Install the game to your hard drive. You may be asked for a CD key. You should have one with your original installation disc set. Don't have a key? Well then, continue the piracy train and go ahead and search yourself up a new one.
  3. Crack. Open up crack with a program like WinRar or 7-zip. You'll see one or more files inside, including the executable for "Jedi Academy." If there's an instruction file inside, read that carefully and follow those instructions over these. Next, go to your installation location and make a backup of your original "Jedi Academy" executable (toss it to another directory, for instance). Finally, copy the cracked executable into your installation folder.
  4. Enjoy. Open up the cracked executable and enjoy one of the finest games LucasArts has released in quite some time!
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