How To Get In Jet In GTA 3

Do you need to know how to get in jet in GTA 3? Believe it or not, you can even get a jumbo jet to fly around in "GTA 3," as you seem to be able to hijack and cause mayhem with just about any vehicle in the entire game. However, a jumbo jet is not as easy to obtain as other vehicles and planes, which you can simply go up to and board once you find them on the game. To take part in this exciting feature you must enter in an unlock code, go to a certain location in the game and follow a certain procedure before you will actually be allowed to fly the jumbo jet in "GTA 3."

To get a jumbo jet in "GTA 3," you will need:

  • "GTA 3" video game
  • Video game system
  1. Enter a cheat code in "GTA 3." After starting the game, you will need to enter in the cheat code "locked wanted level" so you can access the jumbo jet in "GTA 3." Once this code has been entered, check the map for the location of Las Venturas Airport.
  2. Go to Las Venturas Airport in "GTA 3" so you can get the jet. You will need transportation to get there, as it is a long way away from where you will start the game. You can take a car or truck if you'd like, which is easy to hijack but will be a long drive. If you enter in a cheat code to get a helicopter or find a helicopter in the game, you can fly there. Helicopters can be found in "GTA 3" in a number of different locations or spawned with a cheat code, that varies from console to console. For example, a Hunter helicopter can be simply spawned by pressing Circle, X, L1, Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1 to spawn one on Playstation.
  3. Arrive at the airport in "" and run around it until you find the biggest airplane hangar. Walk up to the hangar and stand in front of it. After a moment, a door will open. In front of you will be an AT-400 jumbo jet.
  4. Board the jumbo jet. Carefully back it out of the hangar and take off to fly over the city.
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