How To Get A Job In Advertising

Do you want to get a job in advertising? Advertising is an exciting career field where people use creative ways to persuade consumers to buy products or try a specific service. Getting a job in advertising sometimes requires a college degree.

  1. Apply to a college that offers an advertising program. Many colleges around the U.S. offer degrees in advertising. The programs usually lead to a bachelor's degree. You also have the option of earning a master's degree in the field in order to get a job in advertising.
  2. While enrolled in an advertising degree program, make sure you take additional courses that make you a well-rounded advertising professional. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, students longing to get a job in advertising should take classes in statistics, economics, business law, accounting and other subjects relating to the business world
  3. While enrolled in the degree program, seek out internship opportunities in order to get a job in advertising.  Working as an intern for an advertising agency will provide you with hands-on experience in the advertising field. You will have the opportunity to apply textbook knowledge to the real world. You may make valuable connections that can help you get a job in advertising in the future.
  4. A few semesters before graduation, visit your school's career center. The career center can help you locate potential opportunities that may help you get a job in advertising.
  5. If you have not landed an advertising job before graduation, begin calling advertising agencies in order to see if they are hiring entry-level employees. If the agencies are not hiring, try to set up informational interviews. These interviews are designed to help you gather information about a particular company or job. This also permits you to introduce yourself to hiring managers so they can consider you for any future openings with the company.



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