How To Get A Job As An Assistant Buyer

Are you envious of those people who get to shop all the time so now know you want to learn about how to get a job as an assistant buyer? An assistant buyer is a purchasing professional who assists a buyer or purchasing manager in their day-to-day responsibilities of purchasing materials and supplies for an organization. To get a job as an assistant buyer, it requires some knowledge of purchasing procedures and technologies used to accomplish purchasing responsibilities.

  1. Obtain some training or college coursework regarding purchasing methodologies. Many colleges and professional organizations offer training for buyers and other purchasing professionals. Gaining some basic knowledge about the purchasing process will assist in getting a job as an assistant buyer.
  2. Write you career objective on your resume to highlight your enthusiasm to be an assistant buyer. Be specific stating your interest in an assistant buyer position and your willingness to learn all necessary skills to successfully perform an assistant buyer occupation.
  3. Highlight all of your skills related to purchasing on your resume. An assistant buyer position typically involves assisting with purchasing, creating purchase orders and reports, some light accounting, as well as administrative tasks to assist a buyer. It can also include understanding specific software and databases, so include your related computer skills as well.
  4. Apply for assistant buyer jobs. You can find job openings on internet job boards in your area. Apply for any assistant buyer openings in your area. You will increase your chances to get a job as an assistant buyer if you apply for all opportunities available. Some organization are willing to accept candidates with little or no purchasing experience if they have strong administrative skills.
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