How To Get A Job On A Boat Or Ship

Here are instructions for how to get a job on a boat or ship. You must first decide if you want to work for yourself of for a company. This can be a very exciting job because you will see the world and all its vast endless oceans if you decide to work for a cruise line. However, you do have to realize that your living spaces will be small and your days off from work will be short.

  1. Decide what type of work you will like to do to help you get a job on a boat or ship. Contact current employees that work on a boat or ship and ask them how they got their job on a boat or ship. Ask them what it’s like to work on a boat or ship. Follow their instructions to help you get the job. Get the contact information from the employees about who on the boat or ship makes the hiring decisions.
  2. Contact the company that you would like to work for on a boat or ship and find out what job opportunities are available. Apply for the position by filling out the application for the job you want. Write and prepare a cover letter and a resume or have someone write the cover letter and resume for you and make sure you clearly indicate on the application and the cover letter the job you are applying for on the ship or boat.
  3. Use the information from the employees to help you get a job on a boat or ship. Explain to the interviewer that you have references and that you are willing to volunteer to work for one month to get the job. Work hard and smart and you will be able to get the job. Do exactly what is required of you when you receive you duties and if you are unsure ask questions.
  4. Note that after you are hired, you may have to go through training and take a physical to get a job on a boat or ship. Prepare yourself for the job orientation and to learn what its like to live and work on a boat or ship. Consider the many other types of jobs that are available on a boat or a ship: captain, sailor, pilot, engineer, or chef.
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