How To Get A Job Designing Skateboards Or T-shirts

Do you want to learn how to get a job designing skateboards or t-shirts? You can get a job designing skateboards or t-shirts if you have the artistic skills necessary and know how to promote yourself.  Designing skateboards and t-shirts for skate companies is a great job for someone who has the artistic talent. Often that style of art is only marketable to skate companies and so you should try to get your foot in the door as soon as you can.  The Internet is a great tool for getting your name and work on the map. In order to get a job designing skateboards or t-shirts you will need to

  1. Create your portfolio.  Gather all of your best artwork and take good quality photos or upload them onto your computer with a scanner.
  2. Create a website for showcasing your work.  Buy your own domain name and get a hosting account.  Use a blogging platform to create a theme.
  3. Upload all of your photos and create a quality website where potential clients can view your work. 
  4. Get your friends to subscribe to your site and make comments on your art. 
  5. Take a class that will teach you how to use a program like Photoshop. This will help you become more marketable to graphic design companies.
  6. Email a company like Graphic Designs Unlimited.  Submit your resume and samples of your work to them. 
  7. Email every skate and t-shirt company you can think of.  Send them links to your website. Make sure to follow up with them a week later.
  8. Consider creating custom t-shirts that you made online.  Set up a shopping cart on your website so people can buy your designs.  This also enables clients to see your art made into clothing.  
  9. Don’t give up.  It can be a slow process and it can take a while to get recognized, but persistence is key.  If you are an excellent artist, don’t sell yourself short. Submit your work to every single skateboard company.  Don’t give up on promoting your art either. 
  10. Try to sell your art in other ways. Use your website to sell drawings and canvas paintings too.
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