How To Get A Job In Film And Video Editing

Basic computer knowledge is required when learning how to get a job in film and video editing. Most of your work will be completed using a laptop or desktop system and resources on the internet. There are opportunities to get a film and video editing job in entertainment, industrial, educational and commercial markets. Learn how to get a job in film and video editing with visual tools that promote your skills.

To get a job in film and video editing, you will need:

  • Computer
  • Video editing software
  • Video footage
  • Internet access
  1. Learn how to operate basic and advanced features of a video editing software program. Some basic features include capturing or importing video footage, trimming clips and using a video editing timeline. Advanced features include adding graphics, titles, transitions and music and may help you get a job in film and video editing. Compare three video editing software programs that interest you. Choose one program that you are the most comfortable with using to master and enhance your video editing skills.
  2. Make a video demo reel that features short clips of your previous work using the video editing software program. Introduce the video demo reel using an opening title graphic that features your full name and current position or field of interest. Use three or more video samples that you worked on as a senior editor from earlier jobs in the demo reel. Add your name, contact information and filmography using title graphics if you have previous work that may increase your chances of being hired. Edit stock footage if you do not have any previous work samples to present for potential employers. Display your name and contact information at the end of this demo reel using title graphics.
  3. Search for video job listings on filmmaking message boards, online classified ads and your local film commission website. Many filmmakers, actors and video producers post jobs for editors to complete movies, trailers, TV shows and music videos on websites visited by their peers. Some actors hire video editors to create a demo reel that highlights their best performances as well. Post an advertisement on websites that list casting calls to obtain a job in film and video editing from acting professionals.
  4. Contact post-production facilities and television stations to find out about all job openings in their editing department. Inform the hiring supervisor of your interest to get a job in film and video editing.
  5. Offer your resume to the supervisor if there is a possibility that you can obtain an interview. Print a typed resume that lists your previous work or skills, career objectives and education on multipurpose paper. Send packages of your resume with a demo reel enclosed to all hiring authorities that request this material.
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