How To Get A Job At A Hotel

An interest or passion for customer service is quintessential in how to get a job at a hotel. While hotels are a part of the hospitality field, hotel work is synonymous with the service industry. There are two distinct job types: support and service. It takes both types of jobs to meet all of a hotel's needs with facility service positions supporting accommodations and guest service roles accommodating occupancy. A hotel employs a considerable staff to fulfill all service jobs. Among job availability, hotels can be a viable resource for opportunities within the workforce. Whether the applicant pursues a job for gainful employment or as an opportunity, hotels are worthwhile establishments to pursue.

To get a job at a hotel, you will need:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Valid addresses (physical and mailing)
  • Working phone number (land line or cellular)
  • References
  • Social Security card
  • Drivers license or photo identification card
  • Reliable transportation
  • Education (minimum of high school or GED)
  • Proper business/professional attire


  1. Job opportunities within a hotel. In addition to guest accommodations, services and amenities, the majority of hotels offer variations of food. The level of hospitality that is found amid most hotels presents a variety of jobs. Albeit management, the job positions at a hotel can consist of bell hops, front desk clerks, concierge or activities coordinator, auditors, marketers, housekeepers, maids, custodians, maintenance workers , parking attendants, chefs, line cooks, dishwashers and bus persons, food and beverage servers, hosts and hostesses and bartenders.
  2. As an applicant, take stock of background, experience and ambition. If customer service, public relations or people skills correlate with an applicant, it is in the individual's best interest to pursue jobs that incorporate guest interaction. Should the applicant possess a familiarity with accounting, culinary, building or grounds maintenance, janitorial, household or labor-oriented roles, it is preferable to search for jobs that support hotel operations.
  3. Slant resume to the pursuit of a hotel job. When there are jobs of a particular description that an applicant will apply for, align the resume’s content to appeal or meet those needs described. Such aligning is to prioritize the information that makes up a resume for potential job suitability. If the job description strongly requests particular skills of an applicant, align a resume’s categories to begin with skills and follow with experience. Should education or experience be the focus of a job’s description, it is in an applicant’s best interest to highlight those categories within a resume. While all resumes will primarily contain much of the same overview details, an applicant can make any resume stand out by organizing all of its content in a manner that will pique those interests of potential employers.
  4. Locate applicable hotels. Through locale, classified advertisement or online posting, an applicant can determine which hotels to apply. Whether or not a hotel indicates any openings for new hires, applicants should still consider resumes for the establishment to keep on file. When considering a hotel that does not currently have open positions for employment, the applicant can slant a resume towards practical opportunity interest.
  5. Enhance resumes with cover letters. Although resumes will not be mailed to hotels that call for applicants, accompanying a resume with an introductory cover letter can present the applicant well.   
  6. Prepare to campaign for the job at a hotel. Appropriate grooming and congruent attire are a must for applicants. While initial visits to hotels may be brief, it is vital that the applicant make a courteous and professional impression.
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