How To Get A Job At Mcdonalds

How to get a job at McDonald's is a fairly simple process, with the right assistance getting a job at McDonald's is obtainable. Restaurant work like any employment is scarce in today's society. The most important factor you have to remember is you are in the service industry. As with any service industry, the customers are always number one. If you are unable to take verbal abuse from customers, and it will happen then you are in the wrong line of work. If you are patient, and enjoy a ton of interaction with the public then getting a job at McDonalds would be a good idea. Below you will find the steps necessary in getting a job at McDonald's.

  1. First find a place as close as possible to you that is hiring, this is due to the fairly low pay that is offered.

  2. Next make a phone call, and find out the name of the manager who handles the hiring. Most times this will either be the Assistant Manager, or the General/Store Manager. This will be the person you will be the person you will talk with when trying to get a job at McDonald's.

  3. After you have this information, make first contact in person with the hiring manager. Go in wearing exactly what you would if it was an interview. The reasons behind this would be that some employers if they are not busy may give you an interview on the spot, so always go in prepared. Introduce yourself, and follow-up with your application. Do not forget to ASK FOR THE INTERVIEW! Never go in during a rush, if you see they are busy come back another day. Generally speaking never go in during the hours of 11am-230pm, and 4pm-730pm. These are standard rush periods, with an extra half hour on the end of each to allow for the slowest periods possible. Even though most rushes may be complete around two in the afternoon, they will just begin to slow down but will still be too busy to really have time to discuss your application or resume.

  4. Now that you have gotten an interview scheduled, you must prepare before returning. Walk in professionally dressed, not in jeans with holes in them and a dirty shirt. Be ready for questions on your employment history, they will in-depth ask on your prior employers including your responsibilities and more. Being prepared shows professionalism, and will make getting a job at McDonald's easy

Some employers will hire you that same day, or tell you they will call you back. Keep in mind that it is very rare that any restaurant will call you back. If you are told that they will call you back, make sure to follow-up with the hiring manager every two or three business days until you receive an answer. There you go that is how you get a job at McDonalds made easy.

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