How To Get A Job Without A College Degree

If you are wondering how to get a job without a college degree, try exploring fields such as hospitality, sales, and construction. To make up for any gaps in your education, you will need to market yourself effectively and show that you are a hard worker, have valuable skills, and are a quick learner. If you possess the characteristics that the company is seeking in an employee, they may offer you on-the-job training.

  1. Think about what interests you. Before you begin to look for a job, think about the type of work enjoy doing. Consider what type of work environment you prefer and how you like to spend your day.
  2. Evaluate your skills. Assess the skills you picked up during high school and in your previous jobs. Even if you have only held part-time or summer jobs, this still counts as valuable work experience. Think about what you learned in these positions, as well as in high school.
  3. Do your research. Take your list to an employment office or community career center. Their trained counselors can help your match your skills and interests with jobs that you qualify for without a college degree.
  4. Make a resume. Before you can get most jobs, with or without a college degree, you must prepare a resume that lists the names of your past employers, your former job titles, and what schools you attended. If you attended college or trade school, but did not finish your college degree, include it on your resume anyway; it’s still valuable experience.
  5. Find professional references. Most employers require workers to provide the names and phone numbers of persons who can vouch for the employee. Without a college degree, the best professional references come from former employers or high school teachers, if you are a recent graduate.
  6. Look for positions that offer training programs. Many companies offer training programs for qualified workers without a college degree. Review company websites and read job ads carefully so that you don’t miss out on these opportunities.



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