How To Get KOTOR 2 Prestiege Classes

Knowing how to get KOTOR 2 prestiege classes makes the game a bit less challenging, but more fun. Each class comes with feat and Force power bonuses along with plenty of other perks. They’re only offered to players who have dutifully followed a light or dark side path, so avoid making your Exile too neutral or else you’ll miss your opportunity.

  1. Choose between good and evil.  Decide whether you want to go dark side or light side early in KOTOR 2. Take advantage of every opportunity to make a choice that will push you further towards whichever end of the Force spectrum you’re aiming for. If you’re light, be courteous and help other people solve their personal crises. If you’re dark, be as cruel and heartless as possible. Your light or dark side alignment will have to be high enough for you to get the prestige class option later in the game. 
  2. Create a disturbance in the Force. All you really have to do is get about a quarter of the way to being full light or dark to trigger a cutscene featuring Darth Nihilus and Visas Marr. Nihilus sends Visas out to discover the source of the disturbance she sensed. After leaving Telos and landing on whatever planet you choose, leave the Ebon Hawk then enter it again. Get your shields ready and head to the starboard dormitory to battle Visas. When you defeat her, she’ll join up with you. Having her as part of your crew is another requirement for triggering the prestige class dialog later on.
  3. Keep plugging along. Destroy enemies, chat with your party members, practice your skills and complete sidequests to gain XP and work your way up to level 15. You won’t see any prestige class options in KOTOR 2 before then. 
  4. Go visit Kreia. If your Force alignment is high, you’ve fought Visas and reached level fifteen, go talk to Kreia. During your conservation with her, she’ll bring up the topic of prestige classes and have you pick one. You can ask her for more information on your options. You can choose to be the combat-heavy Jedi Weapon Master or Sith Marauder, the Force-heavy Jedi Master or Sith Lord or the more balanced Jedi Watchman or Sith Assassin, depending on your alignment. It doesn’t matter what class you chose at the beginning of the game. You can pick any of the three prestige classes.
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