How To Get Laid At A Party

Sometimes you just need it, and it is easy to learn how to get laid at a party. Even the most shy guy can score at a party if he follows a few simple guidelines. All you need is the nerve to put into action what you will learn below.

To learn how to get laid at a party, you will need:

  • confidence (or enough alcohol to get that)
  1. If you want to get laid at party, you will first need to choose the right party. There is no sense in scoping out the wrong type of party. The perfect party is one that serves alcohol, is close to your home and where many women might attend without knowing a lot of people there.
  2. Try to attend the party you want to get laid at with a few female friends. When women see a man with women, they immediately place a higher value on the man. This is psychological and goes way back in the history of humans. Everyone wants something that is desired, so the same holds true with men and women. By having women around you, you will also appear less threatening.
  3. If you want to get laid at a party, don't be the center of attention. Avoid showing off, busting a move on the dance floor or getting plastered. You want to appear laid back and not trying to prove anything to anyone.
  4. When you see a woman that you are interested in, watch her and check out her movements. People respond better to you when you mimic their behavior. By observing the way that she acts, you can mimic her when you approach her later in the night.
  5. Choose a time when the woman is away from any of her friends, but is not alone. A good time is when she is at the bar, ordering a drink. Go up to her and start a casual conversation. Display some of the same mannerisms that you saw her perform before. Ask her if you can join her for a drink.
  6. If she accepts a drink with you, do not buy the first one. Just play it cool. Many women expect a drink for just a smile. Don't play the game. While she is drinking, make sure to keep the conversation casual, but still mimic her. When she is about finished with her drink, now is a good time to offer to buy her another.
  7. Avoid being physically aggressive with her, if you want to get laid. Be casual. This cannot be stressed enough.
  8. Invite her out of the party. Invite her to leave the party, but suggest a coffee shop or restaurant. This is an important step. By getting her out of the party, you are "on a date" with her.
  9. Take her somewhere. Now you have her out, take her someplace, like a coffee shop. When you are out of the party, this is the time to start getting a little physical with her. This will show that you consider that your relationship has moved forward. This is your chance to do some research on her interests. This is important, and you will use this information later.
  10. Take her home. Suggest that she visit your house. Maybe there is a movie that you have she might be interested in or a dessert she has to try. This is where your research into her interests comes into play.
  11. Get laid. Start with some gentle kissing and stroking, then move into the heavy stuff. 
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