How To Get Laid On Spring Break

If you're new to spring break, you might be wondering how to get laid on spring break. If you follow these tips, you might be able to find a girl during spring break and maybe even get lucky with her.

  1. Socialize. Popular spring break vacation spots have tons of things for people to do. There are contests to compete in, parties to attend, and plenty of bikini clad girls everywhere. If you want to know how to get laid on spring break, you need to make some of the effort. Get out there and get noticed. You won't be getting lucky with anyone but yourself if you stay in your hotel room the whole time.
  2. Test the waters. When you're out and about you should talk to a lot of different women to see who is interested in you and who isn't. Once you know how to read a girl's body language, you can stop wasting your time on the ones who aren't interested and only talk to the ones that are into you. Also, ask your buddies how to get laid on spring break. They might have some good advice for you.
  3. Confidence, but not cockiness. No female wants to get with a guy that thinks he's better than everyone, but no girl wants to sleep with a guy who is going to cry afterward. You need to find the balance between self-esteem issues and being cocky. It's called confidence, and if you have it, girls will notice. One of the best guidelines for how to get laid on spring break is to carry it in your attitude.
  4. Don't be a pig. If you're out, it might seem easy to pick the drunkest girl at the club and try and get with her. Don't do that. Sleeping with a drunk girl can only cause problems. You could be vomited on or, in extreme cases, accused of a serious crime. A true gentleman knows how to get laid on spring break without having to take advantage of a poor drunk girl that lost her friends at the bar.
  5. Text flirt. While people still exchange phone numbers, it's more common now for people to text. If you get a cute girl's number, text flirt with her. Send her a message telling her you think she has beautiful eyes or a nice rack. Girls love the ego boost, and they will be more likely to meet up with you later on.
  6. Be prepared to seduce. The last rule in how to get laid on spring break is to know how to seduce a girl. This means you should not be sloppy drunk and unable to perform. You should have clean sheets in your hotel, and if you have anything else, like a pool or hot tub, that would make for a good place for foreplay. Romance her a little bit, and she'll be ready and willing in no time.
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