How To Get A Landing Strip Wax

When you decide to get a way done on your pubic area, you will want to pick the one that is right for you, and it could be knowing how to get a landing strip wax. A landing strip wax is very popular and looks great! Here is how you can get one done for yourself.

Items needed: 

  • wax salon
  • money
  • wax
  1. Find a business that does waxing in your area. If you have friends who have received one, ask where they went and get their opinions. You will want to find somewhere that has good reviews. You can also check online for reviews of the place before going to visit. This is not something you want to mess up.
  2. Call the business to see if you need to set up an appointment or if you can just come in anytime. If you need an appointment, get one set up for yourself in advance. Make sure you get your wax done at least 24 hours before your special someone will be seeing it.  Your skin will be red right after the wax is performed.
  3. Before going in, make sure that your hair is grown out some. It needs to be about 1/4 of an inch long so that the skin can be pulled out with the wax. If it is too short or just shaved, it might not come out and you will waste your time and money.
  4. Once you go in for your appointment, explain to them that you want a landing strip wax. This will make sure that they will leave some hair like a landing strip for you. Tell them how wide or narrow you want the strip to be so that you get what you are wanting for yourself.
  5. Relax during the procedure. It will hurt a lot more if you are tense. Just let them do their work. When they are done, look at it and make sure you are happy. You can always ask them to take a little more hair off if you want more gone than they do the first time.
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