How To Get Lazy Wife To Find Full-Time Job

When you look at your finances and where they fall short and you look at your wife on the couch watching talk shows, you may begin to wonder how to get your lazy wife to find a full-time job. Getting her up and going may seem impossible. This is a delicate situation that takes a delicate hand to complete.

  1. Do not call her lazy. Enhancing the confidence of you wife will go a long way towards helping her get a full-time job. Tell her how good she looks and how great you think she is. Take her to get her hair done and get a few new outfits for interviews. A lazy wife who isn’t getting a full-time job may just be an insecure wife who is depressed, in a rut, and doesn’t feel good about herself. Boost her confidence and she may just go find a full-time job without any other motivation.
  2. Explain your situation and offer goals. Your wife may not be lazy; she may just be in the dark and not understand that she needs to get a full-time job. Explain why you would like her to get a job. The reason should not be just because she needs to do something. Give valid reasons. State that you are struggling to pay the bills, would like to get out of debt, or would like to retire early. Setting up goals that show you wish to work together as a team can make a lazy wife find a full-time job.
  3. Find job leads for your wife. Knowing your wife means knowing her skills and talents. Talk to friends and business acquaintances to see if anyone has a job available or knows of a job that may be a fit for your wife. Help her look through the classifieds and discuss places she would like to work or opportunities she would be open to trying.
  4. Be willing to take baby steps. Let your lazy wife try out a part-time job before moving into a full-time job. Remember that wives do a great deal around the house and taking care the children may not give them enough extra time to take a full-time job.
  5. Offer to help with the household. What you think is a lazy wife may just be a wife that is completely worn out. Set up a chore schedule and explain how much of the household chores you will take over once she finds a full-time job and what you are willing to do to help with the kids and keeping the house in order.
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