How To Get Lint Balls Off Of Polyester

There are a couple of ways you can learn how to successfully get lint balls off of polyester garments. Lint balls are a nuisance no matter what kind of fabric you have. You are lucky though; polyester is one of the easiest materials to remove lint balls.

What you'll need:

  • Sticky tape
  • Lint roller
  • Razor
  • Pumice stone
  1. You can remove lint balls off polyester with sticky tape. You need a really sticky tape, like box tape, to remove lint balls. Wrap the tape around your hand or a few of your fingers, stinky side out. Using your hand, press and roll the tape over the area of the polyester garment that has lint balls. The tape will lift the lint off the fabric as you roll over the polyester.
  2. Get a lint roller. You can purchase a lint roller just about anywhere. A lint roller is inexpensive and works the same way as sticky tape. Roll over the polyester and the lint balls will come off.
  3. Use a razor. For those lint balls that are really stuck to polyester, use a razor to get them off. You can purchase a razor at the store, or you can use a single-blade disposable razor you may already have at home. You have to lay the polyester garment flat and graze the material with the razor to remove the lint balls. Do this carefully so you do not ruin the polyester.
  4. A pumice stone works, too. Another way to remove lint balls off polyester is by using a pumice stone. Lay the polyester garment flat and swipe the pumice stone over the lint balls. Use the pumice stone delicately. You do not need to apply much pressure when using the stone. Too much muscle may snag the polyester.
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