How To Get Liquor On A Cruise Ship

Getting Liquor on a Cruise ship will be one of the easier things you will accomplish on your cruise. Cruise ships are very large vessels that are beautiful inside and out. These ships offer you everything from more food then your body should ever see, to the most comfortable beds, and clean sheets and towels daily. There are several shops on the ships where you can buy just about anything you might find at one of your stops.

To Get Liquor on a Cruise Ship, you will need:

  • Your door card/money card
  • The number to room service
  1. To get Liquor on a Cruise Ship, all you have to do is be near a bar, or dial room service and make sure they have your room number. Cruise ships only charge for alcohol and other items bought in the gift shops. If you are looking to buy a bottle of liquor, you can also do this. They have just about every type of alcohol on the ship, and to purchase is not as hard as it seems, not to mention prices are almost cut in half once you leave your port.
  2. Store There is a shop usually on the same floor as the casino with alcohol amongst several other items, with again some of the cheapest prices you will ever see. To purchase you need to have your room key/money card choose your bottle, or bottles, and ring them up like a normal transaction. In some cases, you may have to leave the bottles with the store, but in other cases, they may allow you to bring it back to your room. If you do have to leave your alcohol at the store you will get a receipt to take with you, and keep with you so you know what you got, and can double check. However, the night before you get off the cruise ship to go home, you will receive your alcohol in your room and then will be able to do what you wish with it. Whether it be drink it, or pack it up in your luggage to bring it home with you. The reason they might not let you have your purchased alcohol is that they will be losing money on there alcohol sales, and since this is where they make most of there profits they do not want to lose that.

Cruise Ships can be a lot of fun, and there pretty cheap if you break down all of your costs. So I hope you enjoy your vacation, now that you know where you can get liquor on a cruise ship.

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