How To Get Married Online

To learn how to get married online, you must first understand that there are only four states in the U.S. that recognize proxy marriages. A proxy marriage is when one or both parties are unable to attend the wedding. That’s where the online part comes in. Someone stands in for the absentee partner in front of a minister, judge or whoever is conducting the wedding. You can then use a video camera to capture the wedding ceremony no matter how big or small. Use any form of social networking that allows video streamline to capture an online internet wedding.

  1. Texas proxy laws. Neither bride nor groom needs to reside in Texas to get married. You must get the right forms for proxy marriages at the county clerk office and the marriage certificate is valid for up to 30 days for you to exchange vows. This is an easy breezy state to get married online in.
  2. California proxy laws. In California you do not need to be a resident however, one of the wedding party, bride or groom, must be a member of the armed forces. The military personnel must be deployed in war zones or far away conflict areas, that’s the only way in how to get married online in this state.
  3. Colorado proxy laws. Colorado laws you must obtain an absentee application which has to be notarized. You do not have to be a resident but both parties must present valid photo identifications to obtain the proper documents. Get a wedding together, get your proxy stand-in and get married!
  4. Montana proxy/double proxy laws. The only state in America that allows a double proxy wedding is Montana. The catch is that one of the individuals must be deployed in the Armed Forces and is unable to attend. It’s a unique state where both bride and groom can have proxies stand in for them during the ceremony. Not a bad way how to get married online if you both live hundreds of miles away from the one you love.

All states recognize proxy weddings. If you want a legal-binding internet marriage then you must apply for special forms within these four states. You must also have a proxy individual standing by even though the bride and groom are present via internet. Having a wedding online is as easy as saying, “I do.”

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