How To Get Mercury Off Wedding Ring

Need to know how to get mercury off a wedding ring? If you happen to get mercury on a ring it can be a problem. Especially if it is on your wedding ring! Mercury bonds to the gold and is difficult to remove. In some cases, jewelers will not even attempt to repair a ring with mercury on it. This is more of a dilemma fit for a chemist. You must use a substance that can separate the mercury for the gold. Since a wedding ring is something cherished, it is important that you are very careful when attempting to remove mercury from your ring. Remember, mercury is a poisonous substance.

In order to remove mercury from a wedding ring, you will need:

  • Gloves
  • Butane lighter
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Jewelry polish or toothpaste
  • Cloth
  1. Put on the gloves. You want to avoid touching the mercury.
  2. Unbend a piece of a wire coat hanger. Wrap the coat hanger around the ring to hold the ring.
  3. Light the affected area using the butane lighter. The blue flame will work best. The heat will cause the mercury to boil off. Avoid breathing in while doing this. The process should not take long. Try holding your breath while working with the mercury on the wedding ring.
  4. You can then polish the ring. You can use a regular store bought jewelry polish. If you prefer, you can simply use toothpaste to polish the ring. A good whitening toothpaste works great. Apply a small amount and wipe off with a regular cloth.

If some cases, mercury can eat through the metal. It may even disintegrate. If this occurs, unfortunately your wedding ring cannot be repaired unless you seek professional assistance.



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