How To Get Merit Scholarships For McGill University

Need to learn about how to get merit scholarships for McGill University? McGill is a competitive university, but it is also very expensive. The annual cost to attend McGill University is anywhere from thirteen to twenty-three thousand dollars, depending on if you are from Canada or if you an an international student. Fortunately, McGill offers many merit scholarships. In order to apply for the following scholarships, you will need two letters of recommendation and a signed statement from your school indicating your class rank.

In order to get merit scholarships for McGill University, you will need:

  • Confirmation of your admission as an undergraduate student
  • Access to the internet
  1. Applying for the basic scholarship. The basic scholarship is the easiest scholarship to receive for McGill University. You don't have to do anything. All students are considered for the basic scholarship, which is approximately three thousand dollars, just by applying by the university admission deadline. This award is for one year and it can be renewed.
  2. Applying for the Sir Edward Beatty Memorial Scholarship. This merit scholarship is difficult to obtain. You must be in the top two percent of your graduating class. You can apply for this scholarship if you meet the criteria of showing strong academic promise and leadership potential. You must also be an admitted student to the College of Arts and Sciences. This scholarship is worth three to five thousand dollars each year and is renewable.
  3. Applying for the Seba Abbott Smith Entrance Scholarship. This merit scholarship has requirements similar to most other major scholarships at McGill. You have to be an admitted undergraduate and you have to be in the top two percent of your class. This merit scholarship is for three thousand dollars and is renewable.
  4. Applying for the Greville Smith Scholarship. This major merit scholarship is valued at ten thousand dollars. Again, you have to be in the top two percent of your class and possess leadership qualities. This scholarship was established by a former member of the Board of Governors at McGill University.


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