How To Get A More Flexible Back Snake Stretch

Wondering how to get a more flexible back snake stretch? A snake stretch, or cobra stretch as it is known in yoga or Pilates, is a pose that is developed to stretch out hip flexors, elongate the back, and energize the body. It is a stretch that is done by laying flat on ones belly, pushing up with the palms and arching the back. For those with a flexible back this stretch will come very easy to them. However, for those that backs that are a little bit stiffer there are a few exercises that will aid in making the back more flexible.

  1. Knee to Chest Stretches. Laying on your back and pulling one knee up to the chest, while keeping the opposite leg straight, will help increase the flexibility in your hip flexors. The snake stretch requires flexible hip flexors. By practicing this simple exercise a few times a week the hip muscles will stretch out over time.
  2. Work on Back Flexibility. Back flexibility takes time to develop, but there is an exercise that can help speed up the process. Lay on your stomach and simply attempt to raise your feet to the ceiling. Remember to keep the chest down on the ground. It's OK for the distance between your feet and the ground to be slight when you first start out; over time you'll be able to gradually increase the distance.
  3. Forward Bends. Forward bends allow the back and spine to elongate and will help give the back more flexibility. Stand with feet slightly apart and bend at the waist. Allow the body to hang there and try to press through the back. Over time the back will stretch out and one will be able to bend forward more and more.
  4. Relaxation and Warming Up. Being tense and stressed can cause a snake stretch to not be performed as thoroughly as it can be. Performing some relaxation techniques before tackling the back snake stretch will allow the muscles to warm up and become more stretched out. Properly stretch out all the muscles before working on any yoga or Pilates poses. The warmer the muscles the more stretch and give they will have. It will allow the pose to be more complete and most importantly, also prevent any serious injuries.

Flexible back snake stretches take a lot of time to develop. All exercises will need to be done multiple times a week in order to achieve the flexibility desired.

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