How to Get More Grip on Basketball Shoes

Need to know how to get more grip on basketball shoes? Get a grip on the basketball court! There are several important ways that you can improve your grip and avoid the dreaded slip and fall on the court. Some are simple and some require you to spend some money. The important thing to note is that traction problems arise because of poor court conditions and bad or worn-out shoes. Make certain there are no fluids on the court. Pay special attention to the court after a very sweaty player falls down: that spot will be dangerous unless wiped up.

  1. Buy an adhesive mat. Do a web search for manufacturers using "sticky mat," or "adhesive mat," along with basketball. Be prepared to spend some money.
  2. Simply wet a towel and use it each time you go on the court. This method of getting more grip on basketball shoes is good because it is cheap. There are products that enhance this method, such as traction fluids you put on a towel.
  3. Wet your hand and wipe your shoe bottoms. This method is commonly seen in pick-up games. It is cheap but a little gross, since spit is the most commonly used method to wet the hand before wiping the shoe bottoms.
  4. A lint roller can be used to remove dust particles that cause grip problems. The same device that removes dog hair from your clothes and furniture will pick off those dust particles and increase the grip of your basketball shoes.
  5. Only wear your basketball shoes indoors. Nothing will cause your shoes to loose their grip faster than wearing them outdoors. Grip is only an issue on indoor courts, so only use your indoor shoes on indoor courts.
  6. Sweep the basketball court. This is especially important for courts that are subject to frequent use.
  7. Buy good basketball shoes. You get what you pay for, and cheap basketball shoes will not provide good grip for very long.


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