How To Get More Joy Out Of Sex

If you feel like you're not having the time of your life when having sex, you might want to learn about how to get more joy out of sex so that you can get out of that slump and start having fun. It's not hard to have a good time during sex so what are you waiting for? Let's learn about how to get more joy out of sex.

  1. Be spontaneous. Even the best of lovers can get bored with scheduling sex like it's a job or an appointment to keep. Start having sex whenever the notion strikes you. There's more fun to be had when you can be more spontaneous and sex can be a surprising treat instead of something you feel you have to do.
  2. Be inventive. There's not a reason in the world you should have to have sex the same old way, in the same old position at the same time. Start trying new things and experiences. Nothing can jump start a sex life faster than trying out something exciting and daring. Life is an adventure, why shouldn't your sex life be as well?
  3. Lower your expectations. This can seem like an odd request but think about it. Every time you set your expectations so high that you can't possible achieve the result you want, you fail and this can take all the joy right out of sex. Start enjoying it for what it is instead of setting a goal that can't be achieved every time you have sex. You'll start enjoying the fun you can have more each time with a realistic expectation of how you want to feel during sex.
  4. Start communicating. You can't expect to enjoy yourself if your partner has no clue what you like. If something feels good, tell them. On that same note, if they are doing something that you are totally bored with, tell them in a nice way that doesn't make it seem like you don't like it. Instead of saying that you don't like something or that you're not enjoying yourself, simply suggest something different with an upbeat tone. Said in the right way, your partner never has to know.

With these tips on how to get more joy out of sex, they're a start on getting you on the right track to total enjoyment out of sex. Feel free to use this advice and incorporate tips of your own into your regimen. Sex should be fun and it's not that hard to make it that way when you learn about how to get more joy out of sex.

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