How To Get Mortgage Fraud Investigator Jobs

How to get mortgage fraud investigator jobs is something that many people want to know. During the real estate bubble, a lot of people took advantage of the boom, but not all did so legally. Many loan applicants participating in mortgage fraud provided fraudulent information in order to successfully obtain a mortgage. Information regarding hidden liens, incorrect income or even identity theft is common. The incidence of mortgage fraud is so great that just about every bank is hiring mortgage fraud investigators. If you are looking for work as a mortgage fraud investigator, here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Get a mortgage brokers license. Before you can understand how to detect fraud, you will need to become an expert in mortgage transactions. The experience will train you to detect unsavory situations.
  2. Work in a bank. Banks hire most of the mortgage fraud investigators. Working in a bank directly allows you to gain access to potential opportunities. Proven success as a mortgage representative helps dramatically in making the shift to fraud investigations.
  3. Obtain a private investigator’s license. While this is not requirement, it will set you apart from the other applicants. It proves your dedication to the field and will give you a leg up on the competition.
  4. Demonstrate excellent command of the written English language. Mortgage fraud investigators write detailed reports regarding their findings. Excellent command of the English language is a must. You don’t have to have written a novel or anything, but you must be able to write coherent content. You can easily demonstrate this with a great cover letter.
  5. Network with your peers in the banking industry. Some of the best jobs go unadvertised. Why? The reason is simple. Most job applicants come from referrals and not advertisements. When a company needs to fill a position, often they ask the internal staff for suggestions. Most companies like referrals from employees who are successful and will often provide referral bonuses for those who do so.
  6. Consider an internship. Government entities like the FBI and Fannie Mae offer internships for college students. Nothing boosts a resume more than having exposure to the FBI.

Finding mortgage fraud investigator jobs is easy. This dynamic field offers high compensation and job security. What more can you ask for?

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