How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Knowing how to get the most out of your workout can increase workout efficiency while decreasing the amount of time you spend at the gym. It may sound simple enough, but can be very challenging. Whether the goal is to exercise less or simply get the most out of what time you do have, there are many small steps that can help achieve this.

  1. Work out in intervals. This is a proven method to get the most out of a workout, especially aerobic activities. Whatever activity you choose, be it biking, running or any other cardio activity, increasing the intensity for a few minutes in intervals can really make a difference in the workout. Interval training generally uses more muscles, increases endurance and can burn more calories.
  2. Use resistance. Another great way to get the most out of almost any workout is to add resistance. It is a well known fact that strength training exercises not only help tone muscle but have numerous benefits to overall health. Those who already utilize resistance training should consider adding more resistance or mixing up the routine, enabling them to work out less while achieving the same results.
  3. Always stretch. This should already be an important part of any workout. Neglecting to stretch doesn't just increase the chance of injury but can decrease the effectiveness of the workout. To get the most out of a workout, stretching before and after is a necessity. Stretching prepares the body prior to the workout and helps to wind down afterwards.


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