How To Get Mothball Smell Out Of Clothes

If you spend time shopping at thrift stores, knowing how to get the mothball smell out of clothes is something that will come in handy. Mothballs have been used for ages to keep fabric moths from getting into your clothes and destroying them. While mothballs are a cheap and effective way to preserve your clothes and keep the beasties at bay, they leave a horrible smell in their wake. Using a combination of nature and modern technology, getting  rid of the mothball smell out of your clothes is an easy process that will make sure you don't go through life smelling like an attic.

  1. Air your cloths out. Hang your clothes outside for a day to get the mothball smell out of your clothes. The combination of fresh air and sunshine will get the mothball smell out of your clothes and leave them smelling fresh and clean. The fresh air will remove the mothball smell from the surface of your clothes, while the sunlight will destroy the mothball smell deep in the fabric.
  2. Put your clothes in the dryer. Put the offending mothball smelling clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet. Turn the dryer to it "fluff" setting and turn it on. Leave the clothes in the dryer for five to ten minutes. The heat from the dryer will kill the elements of the mothballs in the fabric that are causing the smell, while the dryer sheet will replace the mothball smell in your clothes with a nice clean scent.
  3. Spray your clothes with an odor eliminator. Odor eliminators are cleaning products that can remove the mothball smell out of your clothes. The chemicals in odor eliminators attach themselves to the elements left behind by the mothballs that are causing the smell. The chemicals in the odor eliminator then destroy the elements that cause the mothball smell in your clothes and leave behind a fresh sent. Just spray your clothes with the odor eliminator and let it dry. The chemicals take care of the rest.
  4. Take your clothes to the dry cleaner. It may cost a bit more, but taking your clothes to the dry cleaner is a  sure fire way to get the mothball smell out of your clothes. The dry cleaner will use industrial grade fabric detergents and steam cleaners to blast the mothball smell out of your clothes and have them back to you smelling brand new.



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