How To Get Motorcycle Tires Off Ground For Winter

Do you want to know how to get your motorcycle tires off the ground for winter? Getting motorcycle tires off the ground for winter is easy. It is important for you to take the weight off the tires of your motorcycle during the winter months.

To get your motorcycle tires off the ground for winter, you will need:

  • A garage
  • A stand to set the motorcycle on
  • Ten minutes of your time
  • Motorcycle ramps
  • Internet access
  1. If you own a motorcycle, it is important to keep your motorcycle off the ground in the winter months. This will cost you a little money to do, but will keep your motorcycle safe during the winter months. Go online and look at the various stands and ramps for your motorcycle.
  2. You can buy a center stand for your motorcycle for a reasonable price. You can pay anywhere from $75 to $200 for the center stand. A center stand is a portable stand that you can easily keep your tires off the ground for winter. You push your motorcycle into the stand, lock it, and leave it there for winter.
  3. You can buy motorcycle ramps for your motorcycle and place the bike on the stands for the winter. You can buy these stands online or at a motorcycle shop.
  4. You can make your own motorcycle stand with wood. You can lift each tire on to the wood and keep it in place all winter.
  5. Whichever type of stand you use is up to you. The center stand is more expensive, but is the easiest and safer to use. Your bike will be locked up all winter long and will be safely off the ground.
  6. Motorcycle ramps are inexpensive, are a little more work, and will keep your bike safely off the ground all winter.
  7. The wooden bike ramps will work, but are cheap, and not the best idea if you have an expensive bike.
  8.  Purchase your ramp. Place the ramp in the garage. Move your bike into the garage. Place your bike on the ramp. Make sure the ramp is secure. Your bike will be safe for the winter!


  • There are many types of maintenance jobs to do on your bike to prepare it for the winter
  • Make sure the bike ramp is secure.
  • Use the ramps that best suit your particular bike.
  • Take good care of your bike if you want it ready to ride in the spring.
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