How To Get Mud Stains Out Of Tennis Shoes

Learn the trick on how to get mud stains out of tennis shoes. Save your money: there's no need to buy a new pair of tennis shoes. With these few simple steps you will know how to get mud stains out of tennis shoes and your tennis shoes will look like new again.

To get mud stains out of tennis shoes you will need:

  • white soft cloth
  • water
  • mild liquid detergent/mild dish washing liquid
  • oxygen bleach
  • nail brush
  1.  Wash immediately, the sooner the better. The longer you let the mud stains stay on tennis shoes the more difficult they will be to remove. Especially, if the tennis shoes are made of canvas.
  2. Try washing the tennis shoes by hand using water, a white soft cloth, and a few drops of mild dish washing liquid. Use a nail brush to gently remove the stubborn stains that you couldn't remove with the cloth. If necessary, use a whitener, such as oxygen bleach, to brighten and whiten the tennis shoes.
  3. Canvas shoes can soak in water if the stains are difficult to remove. Try soaking them overnight. Canvas shoes can also go through the delicate cycle of the washing machine if you absolutely can't  remove the mud stains. Machine washing is not recommended though, it can weaken the support structures in the sole with repeat washings.
  4. Wash rubber soled shoes only on the outside. Do not soak them in water. Basically, all you need to do is wipe the mud off with a little force. Rubber and leather are easier to get mud stains out of when trying to get mud stains out of tennis shoes. The mud should just wipe off and your tennis shoes should look like new again.
  5. Let the tennis shoes air dry naturally. Heat from the dryer or sun will only damage the tennis shoes. That is the easiest way to get mud stains out of tennis shoes.
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