How To Get Music To Work On The Reebok 1000x

The Reebox 1000 X elliptical machine provides an excellent workout. Let's face it though, working out can be pretty boring. An elliptical machine can be a fantastic way to tone your entire body, but it gets a little tedious. In order to make your workout more enjoyable, the Reebox 1000 X comes is capable of playing music. It comes equipped with the universal iPod dock. There is a build-in sound system in this exercise machine that allows you to rock to the beat while sweat. You don't have to worry about holding onto your iPod while you exercise anymore!

In order to get music to play on the Reebox 1000 X, you will need:

  • Reebox 1000 X elliptical machine
  • iPod


  1. Purchase the Reebox 1000 X elliptical machine. Make sure you compare prices to get the very best deal on this super machine! Browse local store ads online to avoid running from store to store. That would give you a pretty good workout, though!
  2. Remove the elliptical machine from the box carefully. Assembly is simple. All the parts and screws are labeled to clearly show you where every part goes.
  3. Load your iPod with all your favorite tunes. Choose music that pumps you up and gets the heart rate going. Any iPod will work with the Reebox 1000 X machine. All you need to do is place the iPod into the docking station. As long as everything is assembled properly and your iPod is working correctly, the music from the iPod will be heard through the system built right into the Reebox 1000 X.
  4. Get your groove on. There is nothing left to do but enjoy the workout.



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