How To Get My Girlfriend To Help Me Masturbate

Are you asking yourself "how to get my girlfriend to help me masturbate?" Most men, if not all, have masturbated at some point in their lives. Now we all know it is no fun to do it alone. Men you you want to know how to get your girlfriend to help you masturbate? Well hang on to your let's just say hats and read on for ways to get her help.

  • Intrigue  your girlfriend by playing with your penis in front of her. If she smiles and giggles, keep doing it.
  • Have your girlfriend rub your penis with her hand but help her by holding her hand and moving in the motion you would like her to stroke you.
  • Tell your girlfriend you would like to try something different. You may be surprised at the response you get.
  • Take your girlfriend's hand and help her rub her vagina and in turn have her do the same to your penis.
  • Tell your girlfriend you would like to masturbate while watching her undress or do a dance for you. This can be rather fun for the both of you.
  • Let your girlfriend know that if she helps you masturbate that in turn you will fill any fantasy she wants. Keep this promise men or it will not happen again.
  • Role play is a great motivator.  Pick out a game to play such as doctor and nurse or maid and butler. Play anyway you want just end it in masturbation  for both.
  • Approach the subject of masturbation in a manner as not to freak out your girlfriend. Get her take on how she feels about masturbation. What she tells you could result in lots of fun.
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